Luxury hotel and spa

9 March 2017 - 1 minute read

Empha­si­ze the prestige of the place even more by handmade exercise equip­ment.

Creating a fitness area in hotels and spa centres is already the standard, because an incre­asing number of guests are trying to keep their fitness activi­ties regular.

PENT. is perfect for:

A hotel room.

Thanks to the PENT. brand fitness equip­ment our clients can turn a hotel room into a private and intimate exercise zone for their guests. By treating their guests in such a special manner they create condi­tions in which every guest feels at home being far away from it. PENT. is one-of-a-kind exercise equip­ment, which can defini­te­ly be called exclu­si­ve furni­tu­re.

A hotel gym.

Today, clients choose hotels that offer a well-equipped gym, allowing them to relax or carry out their training plan. A modern gym supple­men­ted by PENT. equip­ment not only raises the prestige of the space, but also offers a unique training experien­ce by working on custom-ordered handmade equip­ment. The many hours of design work and craft­sman­ship have created something special so that clients will surely remember their stay.