PENT. A global brand straight from Poland. PENT. products are delive­red to clients around the world. From Hong Kong, througho­ut Europe, to the United States.



No machine is unable to replace a person, who above all, places his or her heart into making each PENT. product. Each element is handmade with atten­tion given to every detail.


The many hours of design work and craft­sman­ship has created something special in terms of form and practi­cal use. PENT. is one-of-a-kind exercise equip­ment.


We create the condi­tions to make our clients’ invest­ment more comfor­ta­ble. We provide the perfect product in a speci­fied period, always keeping our word. PENT. is something unique, which will certa­in­ly increase the prestige of the place.